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Evening Gown Competition

Swimsuit Competition

In the world of pageantry, the young ladies who WIN have 2 things in common


They make the least mistakes, and they are the best prepared.  My goal is to assist each delegate in becoming the very best that she can be - inside and out.  Real success comes from understanding your strengths, strengthing your weaknesses and discovering that side of you that is different from anyone

else - that special something that is uniquely yours.


Goals,Services Coaching

                        Miss North Miami USA® Pageant

                        Miss Ocean Drive Pageant


                          Miss City of Los Angeles Pageant


                                  Include Among Their Goals:



                                               To offer a venue where young women from 14 to 26 years old can grow

                                               personally in poise, confidence, goal-setting, public speaking,

                                               communication skills, physical fitness, and self-discipline.


                                               To open doors and provide career and educational opportunities, not

                                               only to the winner, but to all the young women who participate.


                                               To provide a positive alternative to the many destructive activities that

                                               lure our young people today.


                                               To promote our sponsors throughout the city.


                                               To foster involvement of contestants and titleholders in community

                                               service programs and charities.


                                               To promote Literacy throughout the city.


                                               In conjunction with Miss USA®, to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer.


                                               In conjunction with Miss Teen USA®, to advance the Youth Anti-Drug Campaign.


                                               To increase awareness and fundraise  for chairitable organizations annually.

A winning walk in the swimsuit competition involves a more fast-paced, smoking hot, catwalk style strut that includes full turns and sensual pivots.  The judges are looking for physical fitness and confidence, which includes a healthy and fit body.  Numeical measurements are not considered in the judging.

Need Help?  After registration, all delegates will receive at least 5 weeks of pageant bootcamp coaching in swimsuit competition - FREE  !

A winning walk in the evening gown competition is important because judges score each contestant on how graceful, poised and composed she appears.  They look for class and elegance​.  Your walk should look as though you are on rollers and someone is pulling you around the stage so that you are literally gliding.

Need Help?  After registration, all delegates  will receive at least 5 weeks of pageant bootcamp coaching in evening gown competition  - FREE  !

On-Stage Question

Having a winning response in on-stage question is not about having the most difficult question; it is about having the most intelligent answer.  As a USA® Titlist, you will be interviewed by the press, television and radio personalities.  You will be asked to give your opinions on important issues affecting your city, state and  your generation.  If you are not aware of what is going on in the world today, how will you be able to have an opinion based on your true beliefs, and grounded in honesty and sincerity.

Need Help?  After registration, all delegates will receive at least 5 weeks of pageant bootcamp coaching in on-stage question competition  - FREE  !


When it comes to your pageant interview, your brain - not your beauty, is your greatest asset.  The judges will be interviewing you for the job of representing the Miss USA® System.  They are looking for the young lady who is worthy of representing more than just herself.  As long as you are not focused on the crown, but on what you will become while reaching for it, you will dazzle the judges and have a wonderful experience.

Need help?  After registration, all delegates will receive at least 5 weeks of pageant bootcamp coaching in self-discovery techniques and pageant interview competition - FREE !


After 20 years as an international model, winning ​1 national titile, 2 state titles, and directing a USA preliminary pageant that produced Miss USA® 1992, Shannon Marketic, I can teach you that success is not a secret -it is a system, and one that I know well.




If you are ready to discover your winning side,

I am available for private coaching sessions.

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