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Mentoring young ladies on their journey in pageantry

and teaching them that it is not what you get, but what you give that truly makes the difference....

Queens are what we are -Beauty is what we do with it!

USA pageantry is about being worthy

of representing more than just yourself.

Because Real Queens make others

feel like Royalty!

The Miss Ocean Drive Pageant
The Miss City of Los Angeles
Are You Next?
Remember, success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses.



Lelany Barea
Miss Miami Beach USA®  2014


Lelany is a 21 year old proud panther studying at Florida International University business management and public relations. When asked how at such a young age she has so much drive her response was, “One thing I know in life is that on my tombstone there will be two dates, the day I was born and died but the only part that matters is the dash in between. For this reason I wake up every day and work on making each day count.”
As Miss Miami Beach USA® 2014, I will rally for the elderly in order to bring back the appreciation, respect, and admiration they deserve during their golden years by developing integrating programs with the youth and the elderly.
Brittney Hill
Miss City of Los Angeles USA®  2015

 Brittney was born in Los Angeles, CA but raised primarily in Tucson, Arizona later moving to Winston Salem, NC, which is where she first began her entertainment career as a model. Brittney later received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media Communications and Film from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, which is where her passion for acting blossomed. Upon graduating, Brittney moved back to the west coast, to further pursue her career in the major entertainment hub of Hollywood, CA. 


Brittney has graced the runways from coast to coast appearing in numerous "fashion weeks" and has proven her talent as an Actress in national commercials, films, and stages.


Her motivation comes not only from her inborn drive to be successful and the satisfaction she gets from creatively expressing herself; but most importantly what she refers to as her purpose. “God has given me this enormous personality and has placed me in a position to be an inspiration and a blessing to others. Her goal as Miss City of Los Angeles USA® 2015  is to be a positive and influential role model for other young hopefuls in this industry.”  There is no doubt that Brittney is on her way to becoming a household name.


​Leeza Ovalle
Miss Miami Beach Teen USA®  2014


Leeza Ovalle won the title of Miss Miami Beach Teen USA® 2014 on May 27th, 2012 just a day before her 18th birthday. She attended Miami Senior High School where she graduated Cum Laude with a 4.3 GPA. She plans to pursue a career in Forensic Science with a minor in Performing Arts.
As an animal lover, it is her mission to use the celebrity her title affords her and be an ambassador for the ASPCA, the organization she has chosen to champion. As Miss Miami Beach Teen USA® 2014, she is determined to do everything in her power to help provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the USA.  In Leeza's words, "I intend to be the change I want to see in the world."


Dinah D'Silva
Miss City of Los Angeles Teen USA®  2015
Dinah, a sophmore at Inlet Grove High School in Atesia, CA, is a pre-med student., She is an outgoing teen, and very involved in her school's activities. Terris became most recognized for her starring role on MTV's reality television show, 'MADE'.

Dinah's younger sister was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease when she was only 2 years old: an inherited, non-contagious blood disease that can be crippling, painful, and life threatening.  As Miss City of Los Angeles Teen USA® 2015, I want to do my part by raising awareness and funding for research for Sickle Cell Disease.

After Dinah finishes college, she plans to become a hematologist to help anyone with Sickle Cell and further the battle against this debilitating disease. For Dinah, the day when her sister is Sickle Cell free, will be the happiest day of her life.
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