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Pageants bring forth many great opportunities in educational scholarships, thousands of dollars in cash awards, wonderful prizes and most importantly, the development of personal confidence and positive self-esteem.



Have you ever wondered about how relevant pageants are for today’s young woman? Do you think pageants are only about strutting your stuff on stage in front of judges?   Think Again!





























The techniques young women learn to compete in pageants are the same ones they can use to climb the proverbial career ladder:


  • Pageant queens don’t ace the interview competition just because of their looks; they do well in interviews because of their brains and personality. So, while beauty might get you noticed, it’s brains that are the most important aspect when it comes to competing in a pageant as well as competing for a job in business.


  • Ever wonder why pageant contestants look so confident? It is because they practice exuding confidence even when they may be quaking from nerves on the inside.  Pageants are a mental game and it can be nerve-wracking to go onstage in front of judges and a large audience. So, contestants must remind themselves that they are not competing against anyone else but themselves, so they picture themselves as the winner.  Confidence is key for any woman jobseeker and/or for obtaining promotions; just remember to exude confidence, not arrogance.


  • Ever watch the national pageants on television, and you 'ooh and ahh' over the magnificent gowns?  Contestants choose their gowns carefully because they believe it is the best one to reflect who they are and the position for which they are competing (because winning a pageant is a one-year job!).  This is the same for women in their careers because it’s important to dress in clothes that make you feel confident and that are suitable for the position. 


  • Pageant contestants don’t have dazzling smiles for no reason; they know the secret is that an authentic smile not only wins over others, it also makes you feel great inside.  What’s that old saying, 'Smile and the whole world smiles with you?   Try it and see.



So like women in the workplace, pageant grls have learned to stand tall,

be knowledgeable, know their strengths and show them off,

dress for the position, and smile!





The bottom line is that the quest for the crown is not only about the tearful victory-walk down an illuminated runway with the crown and the roses.  While there are substantial financial and career benefits to pageantry, the unspoken motivation that inspires many young women to pursue the crown is the same competitive spirit that urges athletes to pursue Olympic medals or Super Bowl rings.



Like all competitors, they prefer to reach for success and fall short,

than to accept mediocrity.



     The secret of achieving any goal you hope to win

                      Is to reach into your soul and find the courage to begin. . .

       The secret of fulfilling any dream you may pursue

                     Is to look into your heart and find the courage to be you.



REMEMBER,  A winner is a winner before she wears the crown!


Good Luck to all of our delegates, my sincere thanks to all of our volunteers and sponsors,my heartfelt gratitude to my state directors for embracing me as a part of the Florida and California USA® Families, and to all of our delegates’ friends, families, and sponsors.   I salute you and your support of my efforts to enhance the life experiences of theses outstanding young ladies.





Welcome to The Miss North Miami USA® Pageant

The Miss Ocean Drive Pageant &
The Miss City of Los Angeles Pageant


Von Gretchen Shepard-McAlpin, Executive Director


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